Woman in saree

Woman In Saree

A woman in saree is a sight to behold,
A vision of beauty, both classic and bold,
Her fabric flows like a river in motion,
Graceful and elegant with every motion.

The saree drapes her curves, so gentle and fine,
Highlighting her figure with each woven line,
Her blouse, like a flower, adds a touch of flair,
Complementing her saree with its own unique flair.

Her eyes are like gems, shining bright,
With lashes long, dark and just right,
Her lips, a subtle shade of rose,
Speak of the secrets that only she knows.

With each step she takes, she glides and she sways,
Her saree swirling in a beautiful display,
She carries herself with such poise and grace,
It's hard to look away from her angelic face.

Her hair is styled in intricate braids,
With flowers woven in like a beautiful parade,
She smells of jasmine, and sandalwood too,
Like a delicate fragrance that follows her through.

A woman in saree is a work of art,
A masterpiece crafted with the finest heart,
She captivates all with her poise and charm,
And leaves us with a sense of calm.

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