WOMAN in Saree


In shadows' realm, where gloom can oft reside,

A woman gleams, a beacon of pure light,

Her spirit soaring on wings spread wide,

Dispelling clouds with radiance so bright.


Her smile, a sunbeam, chases away despair,

Her laughter, a symphony, dances in the air,

A melody that lifts the burdens we bear,

Guiding hearts to joy, banishing every care.


Her gentle touch, a balm for wounded souls,

Her words like honey, soothing to the core,

She nurtures dreams and helps us reach our goals,

With grace and strength, she opens every door.


Oh, woman of mirth, of courage and grace,

Your presence, a gift, the world's sacred embrace.


In each encounter, her essence takes flight,

Spreading hope, love, and pure delight.

With every step, she paints a vibrant scene,

A tapestry of colors, bold and serene.


Her voice, a song that fills the hearts around,

Inspiring dreams, like flowers on the ground.

Her laughter, like a chorus of sweet birds,

Brings forth a symphony, soothing like words.


In every gesture, her kindness is found,

A gentle touch that mends hearts, all unbound.

She lifts the spirit, even on darkest days,

With radiant light, she guides and she sways.


Oh, woman of grace, in your mood uplifting,

You shine with beauty, ever so uplifting.

With love and joy, you weave a splendid spell,

An enchantment that banishes sadness, farewell.


So let us celebrate her spirit divine,

A woman's grace, like stars that brightly shine.

May her uplifting mood forever be known,

And may her vibrant spirit ever be shown.

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